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Its probably worth mentioning that actual voting, as in counting names and numbers, is not the norm. Most votes in the Australian parliament at least are taken on the voices. If you have insomnia and hate yourself you can watch a late sitting of parliament on TV, where there are 2-3 stalwarts on either side of the floor of one of the houses, churning through the more mechanical aspects of governance. The vote to amend subsection XXVIII [ii]d to read something slightly different will result in a vague muffled 'aye', which is sufficient.

When a proper division [a vote where names and numbers are recorded] is taken, then it gets serious. Bells ring throughout parliament and everyone sprints, as the doors are locked after a few minutes. Where there is a minority government as we currently have then every bum on a seat matters.

Voting against your party's position is the nuclear option, the softer options are abstention or simply not turning up which you can get away with in some circumstances. If you are unwell for example the opposing party will allow a 'pair', so drop one of their own so that the voting differential is maintained.

Threatening to cross the floor can also be used to show your constituents you are a straight-talking, fair-dinkum maverick and nobody's puppet, and is a favourite threat of people like crazed red-neck philanderer Barnaby Joyce [former Deputy Prime Minister.]