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No-deal Brexit "free vote"

Originally Posted by glowacks View Post
I was under the impression that the shadow cabinet was named so that the transfer of power when the election results come in can be as nearly instantaneous as possible. In the US we have several months between elections and the beginning of terms because we need time for the administration to get people into position after they know they've won. I thought the point of the shadow cabinet was at least in part to remove this lame duck period.

It helps, but it just takes one or two prominent members of the shadow cabinet to be defeated in the general and the incoming PM has to juggle right away.

As posted above, the Cabinet has to represent the diversity in the party and regional interests in the country. You lose someone from a key faction of the party, and someone else from an area of strong party support, and you have to find a couple of others to fill those spots.

The new MPs who fill those slots may not have any of the technical experience of the two defeated MPs, so even if they're appointed into Cabinet, no guarantee they'll get the same posts that the defeated MPs might have got.

For instance, one aspect of the current scandal in Canada is that the precipitating event was that the President of the Treasury Board, a key position, resigned. That one resignation triggered a Cabinet shuffle: three existing ministers were shuffled to new portfolios, and two backbench MPs were appointed to Cabinet. (In the process, the Minister of Justice was moved to a new position, Veterans Affairs, which triggered the scandal coming to light, for complicated reasons.)
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