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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
They're *definitely* not people who pretend to be feminist just to bash trans. They're feminists at the core, and have a long history as feminists, and are only incidentally and secondarily anti-trans. Their rejection of transsexuals being based primarily on their basic philosophy according to which there's no mental difference altogether between men and women, all observed and/or supposed differences being social constructs and/or the result of women oppression and/or of the pressures of the patriarchal culture, a position that obviously clashes with the stance of transsexuals (being a woman in a male body, etc... which assumes a difference between male and female brain). And also based on the idea that nobody who isn't born a woman can really be a woman, because he won't share the experience of being raised a girl and experiencing male oppression and cultural pressures girls are subjected to since birth.
So, they can't make up their collective mind whether a man's mind/brain and a woman's mind/brain are essentially different or not, and they consider that all people are created equal and should be treated equally regardless of externally-imposed social label, but at the same time reckon that other people should accept externally-imposed labelling when it happens to come from them. Probably believe that they have the right to tell people what our own name is, too.

Doesn't give me much of a positive impression about their global mental ability.
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