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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
That's an article of faith, not an objective statement. It entirely depends on your definition of "woman", and this definition is clearly disputed.
Of course. And I am free to characterize those who dispute it in a hateful fashion as hateful and bigoted. If someone thinks that marriage does not include the possibility of interracial unions, or same-sex unions, then they hold a bigoted and hateful view, whether or not they see it that way. If someone doesn't think that trans women are women, then they hold a bigoted and hateful view, regardless of how they see it. Same if someone thinks "human" doesn't include Jews, or black people, etc.

You can't advance it as fact, only as something that you wish would be true or think would be better. Your opinion that the definition of woman should be based entirely on gender identity without reference to biological sex is clearly not shared by everybody and there's no objective, indisputable way to establish what the definition of "woman" should be.
"Woman" and the concept of gender (as opposed to biological sex) in general are sociocultural phenomena, not objective statements. They will never be anything other than how culture sees them, any more than "computer" is what society defines as a computer.

All of this is discussion about how society should treat and view people. Such discussions aren't based on hard and objective facts, any more than discussions about whether gay people should be allowed to be married.