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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
So, they can't make up their collective mind whether a man's mind/brain and a woman's mind/brain are essentially different or not,
Radical feminists usually hold that female and male brains aren't different, but that patriarchal society, culture, education, social pressure, etc, etc... result in differences in behavior, preferences, etc...Basically that the differences between men and women are 100% nurture and 0% nature. I'm not sure how what I said was contradictory and if it is, it comes from me expressing it poorly rather than from them.

and they consider that all people are created equal and should be treated equally regardless of externally-imposed social label, but at the same time reckon that other people should accept externally-imposed labelling when it happens to come from them.
Hmmm....I'm not sure I follow. And again maybe I poorly expressed myself. Let's take the same kind of views applied to racism. That would be : there isn't objectively such a thing as a human race, but there's a real social construct classifying people into races, and a real experience of, say, being black, so you can't just decide to call yourself black if you're born white and as a result don't really share this experience. You're just a white person playing at being black/pretending to be black for what isn't likely to be benevolent reasons and there's no reason to welcome you as part of the black community. The position of Radfems with regard to gender would be basically the same. Does it make more sense?

Doesn't give me much of a positive impression about their global mental ability.
I never said that Radfems were nice people. I'm saying that they're authentically feminists, and even at the core of the feminist movement, not extraordinarily rare people pretending to be feminists so that they'll be able to bash trans. Disputing that Radfems are feminists is just a denial of reality intended to preserve a nice black and white view where feminists and trans activists are both always the "good guys" fighting the good fight for good reasons. And radfems views and arguments are generally happily accepted without much critical thought by the "progressive" left as long as they don't gore another of their sacred cow.
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