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Just finished this last night and generally liked it, but I think I more liked the concept than some of the particulars of how it was executed.

- Watchmen-esque take on superheroes
- lots of great social commentary
- does a good job of portraying that our world with superheroes would actually be pretty fucked up


- sometimes the supes looked pretty damn cheesy
- watching "our heroes" agonize over how best to torture/murder their caged captive whose worst trait seemed to consist of being a perv (reprehensible, but nowhere near the sins of the rest of the Seven and hardly execution-worthy) lost them a lot of empathy, and that was just episode 2!
- the ending felt like it came out of nowhere and I'm not sure it made much sense. No, I wasn't surprised the kid was still alive, but the whole Billy/Becca/Homelander story seems full of holes now and how the fuck did Billy even survive that explosion, much less without a scratch, unless Homelander suddenly has truly god-like powers, pretty much in direct contravention of what they spent the whole season establishing?
- the normals seem just about as fucked up as the supes, so I guess it's just a big fucked up world anyway you look at it?

Yeah, I get it, grim/dark, and I like me some grim/dark, but relentless grim/dark is just a bit much. I'd prefer if they pulled it back from the (suicidal) edge a bit.