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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post
No doubt. In the first episode he drops a plane carrying a Governor, his young son and the plane crew, murdering all of them.
Heck, the first time we meet him he causally murdered a bank robber by throwing him up in the air.

I had initially resisted watching this because I am tired of Superheroes being deconstructed. Everyone knows it is much more likely a guy with Superman's powers would probably take over the world but when the real world sucks I want the fantasy that he doesn't. That he's good. But a friend suggested we try the first episode and I had to admit I was hooked. I watched the whole season over the next few days. I enjoyed it and curious to see where it goes.

FYI if you enjoyed this story I would suggest you seek out the comic series Irredeemable. It's about a Supermanesque hero who essentially goes insane. It also has a companion series called Incorruptible about a Super villain who gains a conscience and turns good.