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Originally Posted by RikWriter View Post
You didn't? I saw it coming from the moment I found out his wife had been pregnant. It was fairly obvious from that point on.
I think you're being a little loose with the word 'obvious.'

Yes, I'm not surprised that Homelander's kid was alive. There was nothing to make that obvious though.

I was a little surprised to see that Butcher's wife was alive. Homelander's demonstrated cruelty through the first 6 or 7 episodes make it most believable that he could have killed Butcher's wife to cover up his rape.

The final episode doesn't show if Butcher's wife was raped or not; but it's looking like she was not.

And finally I was very surprised that Homelander, for all his faults, wasn't the reason his wife disappeared, and I thought he actually showed a little humanity by making sure he saved Butcher. Homelander wanted Butcher to know he wasn't the villain in this case, and even brough him to show him that his wife was still alive.

You really think all of that was obvious? I don't think so.