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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
Yup. As I understand it:

1) Translucent came to Hugh's shop and started beating him up.
2) It seems like Butcher saved Hugh's life by ramming a car into him.
3) Translucent starts winning the fight, brutally, and it sure looks like he's gonna kill Hugh and Butcher. Hugh's already seen a supe kill a human, so he's thinking that's gonna happen.
4) Hugh tries to kill Translucent to save his own life, but just knocks him out.
5) As soon as Translucent wakes up in the cage, he starts screaming about how as soon as he gets out they're all dead.
6) Hugh still plans to let him go, but sees that poster about "Keep your hands clean," decides in a rage that he's a coward, and pulls the trigger.

That scene is mirrored in the final episode, when he decides to save A-Train's life, despite having even more reason to kill him. He's decided to take a path different from Butcher's. It's a great scene of growth.


Great series. But there's one big problem with it, that I see. Women's bodies keep getting violated by supervillains in order to motivate the protagonists.

Hugh's motivation? His girlfriend is killed by a supe.
Butcher's motivation? His wife is raped and murdered by a supe.
Annie's motivation? She's raped by a supe.

They lean really heavily into the Women in Refrigerators cliche. In all those cases, I think the story would've been a helluva lot more interesting if they'd just switched one or both genders.
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