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Originally Posted by DooWahDiddy View Post
"Solo Piano" is enough of a descriptor for me, but CD Baby (and other websites) require a broader description of the genre. So into the potpourri it goes!
I get that: I fronted a band in the late '90s that played a mix of covers and originals, and I always hated having to categorize our music. I usually wound up picking "rock/folk" and hoping that worked. I've been a jazz singer for the past five years and it's much easier now.

ETA: If you guys want to follow me on Facebook, I'll be starting a musical web series soon, as well as announcing upcoming concert dates and releasing a video for one of my songs. Exciting stuff!
Done. (Which means if you look at who "liked" your page right about now you'll know my name: if you're feeling so inclined, do a search on my name and "music" to see my artist page. )