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Originally Posted by DPRK View Post
Some thermostats have a "vacation mode" that runs for a preset length of time or until you manually turn it off (e.g., Honeywell Prestige HD).

At some point any pre-programmed thermostat has its limits- e.g., if you are on a 9-day week maybe the manufacturer did not anticipate that. Maybe it's a job for the Arduino/Raspberry Pi project thread (program it yourself), certainly cheaper than paying $200 and discovering it does not quite do what you want.
Sounds interesting. Would that be something someone with some old (15+ years) programming experience, but no electronics experience, could do? I am sure that if I took the time, I could learn or re-learn enough of a programming language to create the program, but I have no idea how to build a thermostat.

Originally Posted by kopek View Post
Ours, not wifi capable, had two over-rides you can trigger. One you just set the temp you want and it keeps that one until the next timed period comes along. The second is an "extended over-ride" where you hit that code and set a temp and it maintains that until told otherwise. Its come in handy when we're sick at home in the winter or called out of town during the week.

(no AC -- just heat in our house)
Yeah, the one in my apartment is like that too, but that's not adequate for my purposes, because it's not like I'm just going to be out of town and thus can keep the heat at 50 or the AC at 80 for days until I get back. I'm going to be working on a non-7-day-repeating schedule, so I need 2 different programs. For example, when I'm working, I want the heat to go up in the morning, back down during the day, back up in the evening, and back down at night, but when I'm not working, I want it to go up in the morning and stay there all day, only going back down at night.

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