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Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
The amount of stupid exhibited by folks there is astounding. Well, it's not surprising that stupid people have accidents. But the combination of stupid people and guns can lead to some impressive stories.
You can substitute a whole lot of words for "guns" in your sentence still make sense without anyone asking for a ban. Off the top of my head: skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, motorcycles, skis, snowboards, alcohol, power tools, yet none of those can have the potential to save lives the way guns can.

But that's fine - you see, they were all irresponsible gun owners. Of course, they were responsible gun owners right up until the time the shot themselves or someone else.
They all broke basic safety rules. People who break basic gun safety rules are irresponsible gun owners the moment they break them, not the moment an accident happens. Agree or no?