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Originally Posted by BigAppleBucky View Post
Getting back, sort of, on topic. A bit of sympathy for the cops who have to deal with racist civilians who sic the fuzz on innocent African Americans.

Cops To White People: Stop Getting Freaked Out By Your Black Neighbors (SCREENSHOTS and link to Reddit)
I have sympathy for the victims more.

On the topic of racist viral news I would hate to be on the SF PD and be associated with this type of crap.

"we celebrate whiteness" and that African-American women "should be spayed."

And due to the non-apology from one of them, I am doubly sorry for any citizens who have to interact with them.

"If I offended anybody, I'm sorry. I'm truly, truly sorry," he told CNN. "However, it's banter amongst friends."
I call my "friends" out when they make racist remarks, not sure how he thinks it made things better. Maybe because it was suppose to be "private" it is OK?