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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
There has been discussion on the SDMB that liberals have trouble understanding the motivations of conservatives. The reverse isn't nearly as true - conservatives and independents are more likely to be able to accurately define what drives liberals. I think that might be what is going on here.

White guy (okay, half-Hispanic/half-white) shoots black kid. There is no room in your brain for any explanation except the one - it has to be racist. That's not a conclusion; it's an assumption. And there is no room in your teeny little brain for any other explanation - Zimmerman shot a black kid (who attacked him and was sitting on his chest trying to bash his head in), so Zimmerman is a racist racist who is racist.

Then I point out that the reason Zimmerman shot him is because Martin was sitting on his chest trying to bash his head in. That doesn't fit into your head - it requires the ability to set aside what you have been conditioned to do, and actually think analytically. That's hard work. So, it's easier not to do that - I must be a racist racist who is racist too. I get that.

There is a currently active thread in GD about how liberals talk differently to black people, because the liberals are afraid of being thought racist. Conservatives don't do that, according to the study, because conservatives don't worry as much about being thought of as racist. I think some of that is going on here as well.

The accusation of racism as thrown about by liberals has evolved, to some extent. It is no longer enough to treat black people the same as everyone else - that's racism. You have to talk down to them, and use softer, more agreeable language to them. Otherwise, they might call you racist. Similarly, you can't apply a standard that asks, might shooting someone be a reasonable response to that someone's attacking you and trying to bash your head in. No no - even asking that question is racist racist racist.

But, at least in the case of this particular conservative, I have been called racist for applying the same standard to people no matter what their race, that I care very little about it.

'Zimmerman shot Martin. That was racist.'

'Martin had attacked him, and was sitting on his chest trying to smash his head in.'

'For saying that - I am going to call you a racist.'

Maybe I cared about it the first four hundred times it happened. Now - not so much.


PS - As I have mentioned before, iiandyiiii, if your idea of not engaging with me on race is to drop your turd into every Pitting, you have an interesting, not to say stupid, interpretation of "not engaging".
"Engaging" is like this -- the post above is full of falsehoods, half-truths, and incredible bullshit. Do I sometimes violate my own rules of engaging? Sure.

Not engaging is pointing out to others that it's not worth engaging you about race because you're an unconscious (or maybe conscious, I don't know) racist who thinks it's reasonable to refer to black people as the n-word based on the ludicrous justification of a long-disavowed/regretted-by-the-comedian comedy routine.

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