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Originally Posted by Babale View Post
well, Trayvon thought he was white, so when we are discussing Trayvon's frame of mind, it doesn't matter.

Hispanics can be racist just like blacks can, so it's also irrelevant when discussing Zimmerman's frame of mind.

Why are you asking?
Because at the time they were referring to him as a white Hispanic in media reports, and it was pointed out that if Zimmerman had been up for a Nobel prize, no such distinction would have been made. Indeed, such a distinction would be seen as inappropriate.

It seemed odd at the time that it was so important to insert whiteness into the person who shot Trayvon. But OP simply refers to him as white, so I was curious if the perplexing racial categorization of Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic" had been abandoned completely.

And did Trayvon think he was white? I never heard that. Did Zimmerman relay a white-related epithet uttered by Trayvon? Honest question, I haven't heard of that.

No, because racism isn't a crime. Acting on it can be.

"Crime of the mind" is a turn of phrase that simply means having a thought that is considered bad or immoral, not that an actual crime has been committed.

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