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You don't really have a good grasp of what AIDS was in the early 1980s. For one thing, it was often called "gay cancer." More importantly, no one knew how it spread, except that it hit the gay community really hard, and many members of the gay community congregated at bathhouses. If you want a 21st Century comparison, think about Legionnaires Disease. Why was it disproportionately hitting hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels? Eventually, somebody finally determined it was spread by contaminated air conditioning units. Is it nanny statism to close a hotel when an outbreak of disease is traced to it? Because public health officials STILL do that.

Also, in the 1980s, bathhouses (and hetero sex clubs, for that matter) were not exactly embracing the idea that their patrons were passing around sexually transmitted diseases (not just HIV) and fought inspections and regulations at every step.

As for those "who think it's still a good idea," I don't know anyone in my straight, senior citizen, white bread subculture who thinks closing down gay hangouts is preferable to any group of non-monogamous people practicing safe sex.