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Originally Posted by Kent Clark View Post
You don't really have a good grasp of what AIDS was in the early 1980s. For one thing, it was often called "gay cancer." More importantly, no one knew how it spread, except that it hit the gay community really hard, and many members of the gay community congregated at bathhouses.
One thing I recall: In the early '70s, the early days of the Gay Lib movement, many gay men, especially in the big cities, went totally wild -- having 3 or 4 sex partners a day*, taking drugs so they could dance all night, getting hardly any sleep. So, one early theory (still adhered to by a minority, believe it or not) was that AIDS was not an infectious disease, but simply a matter of their wearing out their immune systems through that extreme lifestyle. A theory that was discredited when the disease spread to people who had never practiced such a lifestyle, and, later, by scientific research.

Old joke:

What's the worst thing about AIDS (apart from the obvious)?

Trying to convince your mother that you're Haitian!

* Moral: Men are sex pigs. Gay or straight, men are sex pigs. If I could have sex with three or four women a day, I would, consequences be damned.

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