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Originally Posted by Jim B. View Post
Anyway this is just another example of the mommy state run awry IMHO.
To understand the controversy over the bathhouse shutdowns, read Randy Shilts' "And The Band Played On".

"Shilts* (called) out the gay community in its inaction to prevent the disease...There was also the matter of the bathhouses, which Shilts advocated to shut down, despite harsh resistance against such an action in the gay community. Shilts noted that what little that was achieved in the bathhouses was small signs in corners warning about AIDS and condoms that were provided to those who asked. Nobody did. Shilts was harshly critiqued for his stance at the time."

There was nothing "mommy state" about a common-sense public health measure to restrict the rapid spread of a (then) fatal disease for which there was nothing but supportive treatment, and the etiology/epidemiology of which was poorly understood.
Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan
These days Truvada maintenance therapy for those who are not infected is probably far far safer for HIV prevention than condoms.
I think Qadgop meant "far more effective".

*who later died of complications of AIDS.

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