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Originally Posted by Kent Clark View Post
If you look at the history of rock groups. they pretty much traded (although a more accurate term might be "stole") personnel all over the place. Moby Grape was an opening act for Jefferson Airplane. The next thing you know, Grace Slick was a member of Jefferson Airplane. Two members of The Mugwumps went to The Mamas and The Papas, while the other two went to the Lovin' Spoonful. Peter Frampton was a session musician with Jerry Lee Lewis and John Entwhistle, while at the same time a member of Humble Pie. Billy Preston and Eric Clapton were late-season pickups for the Beatles (Preston got a World Series share, Clapton didn't.)
Now I'm confused. Skip Spence was with Jefferson Airplane and was kicked out after the first album. He went on to become part of Moby Grape. What does Grace Slick have to do with Moby Grape?