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I think there was a sort of golden age of these specials during which nearly all of them were made. ( For Rankin -Bass, approximately 1964-1988, about 22 years) But the lack of new ones isn't recent - my kids were born in 1989 and '90, and mostly they seemed to watch the same ones I watched as a child. There may have been one or two new ones made after they were old enough to watch , but I don't remember many.

There's are a couple of reasons no one has mentioned though. First is that kids will watch the same specials year after year- that's why those specials were shown every year.* Second, children age out of them and new kids are born - a kid who was born in 2017 will happily watch "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" in 2019, even though it was made in 1964." ** Between those two factors, there just isn't a reason to keep making new specials.

* And they probably are all still shown every year, on one cable network or another's "25 days of Christmas" or " Best Christmas Ever" event.

** Disney used to re-release certain movies in theaters every 7-10 years because by that time, there would be a new audience. They did the same with VHS and DVD releases of certain movies - which would go "into the vault" and be unavailable for years.