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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
Policies such as...?

(Here's your chance for a deep dive into nuance.)
Whatís the point in this particular thread? It would just turn into a debate about that particular policy or set of policy when the question was about the term liberal elite.

But I canít resist and this isnít really a fault of liberal elite but itís an example of policy that sounds sort of good, if you donít give it much thought, but is dangerous and counterproductive. The policy is asset forfeiture. It is arguably unconstitutional and factually a factor in corruption in law enforcement and the judicial system.

One that is a fault of the liberal elite is the counterproductive support of unions for federal employees. Another is the support of rent control. Another is the support for minimum wage. Another is the support for quotas. Another is the support for social promotion and erosion of standards in schools. Ugh! I canít stop.

For a 4-5 hour read, the book I referenced is quite good. Even if you disagree with 90% of it getting an insight into how other people think is very valuable.