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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
We are family of four with income at right about 200% of the federal poverty line; my wife is a teacher who is covered herself fully with no premium. But to add the family to her policy would cost about 15% of our gross income. If we had no access to workplace insurance at all, it appears we would be charged about 6% of our gross income after rebates to get insurance from one of the exchanges. The law says people with workplace insurance or access to workplace insurance are not eligible to buy from the exchanges and are not eligible for a subsidy unless the premiums would cost more than 9.5% of their income.
Serious question: Could you leave your wife on the policy she gets from her work, and then just get a separate policy from an exchange for you and the rest of the family? It essentially means making your family two entities - one with employer provided health insurance, and the other without. Is this allowed?