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The free choice voucher requirement would have shifted some of the cost of coverage for some individuals who purchase through the Exchanges from taxpayers to employers who offer health insurance coverage. Now, without this requirement, employees whose employers offer coverage will choose between that employer’s plan and coverage through the Exchange (subsidized or unsubsidized depending on income and eligibility).
This mainly deals with eliminating the voucher program, but definitely suggests the employee has the choice to switch from the employer plan to the Exchange.

From what I'm reading, the "limited to personal income, personal coverage" only figures in whether the employer is penalized. The subsidy appears to apply if the total cost of the employee-selected (family) coverage would exceed 9.5% of HOUSEHOLD income, and the employee elects to go to an Exchange instead.

Whether you can mix-and-match - good question. That would maybe depend on whether the addition of family itself is 9.5% or greater? Actually, it depends on what the rules are clarified to be...