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The fact that affordability will be based on single coverage has been expected for well over a year, based on preliminary regs, and the recent guidance just makes it official.

Also worth noting is the potential income gap in states which do not elect expanded Medicaid coverage.

This is about people who are not eligible for Medicaid under current rules but are eligible under ACA expanded Medicaid rules (income up to 138% of FPL). Since under the ACA these people were assumed to qualify for Medicaid, they are not eligible for subsidized coverage on exchanges. But if a state does not expand Medicaid - as allowed under the USSC ruling - then these people will also not qualify for Medicaid, and are SOL unless they get raises (or pay cuts).

A whole lot of states are apparently electing not to expand Medicaid, so this could be a big issue.

In other ACA news, a lot of unions are apparently having second thoughts about the ACA, having belatedly realized that their own health plans are going to be undercut by ACA, and that having a plan is a big part of the reason the unions exist in the first place. Link

And what about Obama's promise that "“If you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan”? More bad news.