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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
No one ever said politics is fair.
It may not be fair. But it doesn't have to be stupid.

I like Abrams a lot and think she's got talent that eventually will have to be acknowledged. But she and Beto both have the same vulnerabilities: not much experience on the national scene, and a record of losing---no matter what the ameliorating circumstances---that will cling.

They could each be plausible in the VP slot. But these are not the people to be pushing forward as our standard bearer.

As far as ripping down Biden: I think that's stupid, too.* Or at least, stupid if you want to get rid of Trump. Smart, otherwise.

*As my posting record will show I am not in the tank for Joe. But I'm not going to do the work of the GOP/Kremlin by doing my best to paint him as unelectable, either.