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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Meanwhile, Warren seems to be getting a lock on the position of being Biden's only serious rival. In the last three A-rated polls (Quinnipiac, SurveyUSA, Fox News), all since the last debate, she's been at 21, 19, 20. Sanders is fading, Harris is back down in the single digits, Mayor Pete's back in the low single digits, and nobody else seems to be emerging from the scrum at 2% and below.

In the words of Dylan, "Things should start to get interesting right about now." At the next debate, Biden had better be ready to defend his role in the 2005 Bankruptcy Act, because Warren will be ready to wrap it around his neck.
Agreed. Warren is the only one positioned to overtake him when the shit gets real.

I don't think the personal style attacks on Biden are what he needs to be afraid of. He needs to fear this becoming that two person fight with Warren in which it becomes a real meaty debate of ideas for the future and thinking on your feet. She would dominate in that. I don't think she will do a Harris-like holding him to account for past votes because it goes against her brand. She will instead contrast her having ideas with plans for how to make the future better and work to convince voters that she is as electable as Biden is or more on her strengths, not because of his weaknesses.

Will any of the others try to tear her down before that?