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Well GM yes. They now have the EV platform. Changes to "the next model year" are not so hard once you have the platform (and the supply/production chain for the platform) established. Scaling up production if demand indicated such would still be an issue though. They are up to selling nearly 2800 a month now. If sustained that's running at 33K a year plus. (Sales have been trending up and were not on that track right out of the gate.)"Rumors" had their annual capacity at 25 to 30K with GM claiming that they could get to 50K if there was the need.

Suddenly building lots more, like how many Tesla is planning for, than that, they could not do in "the next model year."

That said many others will in fact be pretty ready to be able to make options that Tesla proves demand for available "quickly" because they have been building their EV platforms and prepping the supply chains for years.

Question for those in this thread on the Tesla 3 wait list: how much delay will you tolerate before you start seriously looking at the Bolt, which based on reviews sounds pretty comparable to what the Tesla 3 is expected to be?