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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Question for those in this thread on the Tesla 3 wait list: how much delay will you tolerate before you start seriously looking at the Bolt, which based on reviews sounds pretty comparable to what the Tesla 3 is expected to be?
Nobody who can plunk down a $1000 deposit on a future $45k car (you have to get the autopilot and glass roof/premium sound) is lacking reliable daily transportation. And you don't save any money buying a Bolt over a cheaper gasoline car with good MPG. If you want to save money, in fact, you should buy a used Prius....remember the discussion we had in another thread? A gen 3 prius isn't sexy, and it has anemic acceleration...but it's a sensible, economical vehicle. Kind of how people will see the Bolt. Except that GM doesn't have Toyota's history for quality, and you have to pay more than $25,000 for a new one. (there are a lot of incentives so it can be a lot less than sticker)

So I bet all the reservation holders will hold out. In my case, I'm going to wait until the second model year when they've fixed all the major issues and gotten the production rate to the point that you can buy a model 3 whenever you want.