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Originally Posted by YamatoTwinkie View Post
I can see where they're going with it. The car remembers your side mirror, seat position, and steering wheel profile when you walk up to the car. Why do you need dedicated buttons for all that? Autoheadlights generally work flawlessly these days, why do they need a button too?
The purpose of dedicated buttons is ease of use. I have autoheadlights and routinely turn them on at dusk or dawn when the sun is in everyone's eyes and I want extra visibility. Also when it's raining out.

Originally Posted by YamatoTwinkie View Post
Why bother with a dedicated knob for A/C and vent controls when it'll already be preconditioned for you before you step inside?
I've had auto climate control on a car and HATED it. I was always changing the temp control. Remote climate control is a great "techie" option I would also enjoy but that's a separate issue from ease of use.

Originally Posted by YamatoTwinkie View Post
Things like wiper interval adjustments and the glovebox i'm scratching my head at, although I probably only access the glovebox a few times a year on my current car.
The thing is, we're talking about a handful of controls added to the car that makes things easier to use. I understand the need to stand out and be the car of the future but most people drive every day.

Previously I made a point about the potential distraction this can cause a driver and it's hardly limited to Tesla. It's risen to the level of the NHTSA. They're looking into standards for ease of use.

I have to wonder where these screens fit within current laws aimed at cell phones and other remote devices. It's against the law to handle a phone or GPS while driving in many places.

The nice thing about touch screens is that it's all software driven so voice commands are the natural extension of the screen. I can see a standardized command list agreed to by all manufactures.
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