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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
that doesn't reduce cost.

Irrelevant for 99.9999% of on-road driving.

sounds more like "it's not a Tesla."
Hey, I asked. The answer is appreciated.

For some it may indeed be the badge more than anything else. I readily admit that that is one reason I would conversely shy away from the Tesla ... it screams announcing what it is and announcing that one is part of something and I prefer being ... understated. Not crazy about the name "Bolt" for the same reason. I do not think reacting to what the car is interpreted as saying about you is a poor reason.

If someone expects to drive long distances along a Tesla supercharger corridor then that network is a very pragmatic reason.. And if commuting in a car with a 0-60 of 5.6 seconds is much more appealing than in one with a 6.5 second one ... well you accelerate more aggressively than most of us do but such is your taste. It also has a higher top speed; that is of significance to some too. (The pep number I'd care most about would be the 30-50 number ... and I think either of these cars outperform anything else I've driven there.

I very much understand the wanting to be "future proofed" to being able to upgrade to more autonomous features as they become available.

I also think the Bolt looks nice but looks "practical" and not anywhere near "sexy." That may matter to some also.

The cars are comparable and the Bolt apparently quite impressive but they are far from identical.