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Originally Posted by YamatoTwinkie View Post
No dedicated supercharging network.
I think I've said it before in this thread (if not others), I'm convinced that the vast majority of people who haven't yet bought an EV just simply assume that this is a problem.

For the vast majority of drivers, it isn't. People need to stop thinking of superchargers as gas stations, because for probably 95% or more of your driving, they are not. Your home is your gas station. For long-range EVs, you only need superchargers if you are making road trips of a few hundred miles or more, or you're an idiot who doesn't charge at night when you need to.

There are more CCS chargers than there are Tesla Superchargers. The only difference is that CCS chargers are clustered around areas in which people actually drive most of the time, and Superchargers are spaced out on freeways where people take road trips.

If you're spending a lot of time taking road trips, then frankly EVs probably aren't a good choice for you, period. But if you're like most people and do the vast amount of your driving within 50 miles of your home, having Superchargers on I-80 between Winnemucca and Salt Lake City is something you will never, ever care about.