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Exactly LSLGuy. It will be a long time until any EV is a good choice for someone who want to be able to use that vehicle to drive from Key West to Anchorage without much planning. An ICE or minimally a PHEV is a much better choice for that particular utility. Even the supercharger network won't serve you well getting to and through Alaska.

OTOH routinely 300 miles over a weekend is no problem without superchargers or other DC fast charge so long as it is not much more than 200 in a day and you can charge overnight (particularly easy if you are driving around lots but still at home at night), or at stops, at a level 2 for at least 4 hours total during meals or other stops. (25 miles of range per hour so 4 hours gets you another 100.) That allows for a buffer so no range anxiety and for YMMV some.

The time spent would be inconsequential Ravenman - not "onerous" as the car is parked and left charging while you are doing other things, such as sleeping or eating or whatever. As opposed to having to be with the car at the gas station.

Some people will have wants that do not mesh with an EV ... and others have wants that an EV satisfies much better than an ICE does.

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