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Ravenman -

A PHEV. A Ford C Max Energi now 5 years old which does not have the greatest EV range but still with my usual commute most (non-frigid) days I'm pure EV and only some days running as a hybrid for some of it. Some days avoiding having to go out of pure EV mode by way of having a chance to charge up at the movie theater parking structure or near the restaurant, for example. The car has been a good choice as we have done the trips from Chicago to Maine to NJ and back, and multiple other all day driving trips, in it, which a pure EV would be poorly suited for. I absolutely love how rarely I need to waste time at a gas station.

The Nissan Leaf, even at its new 150 mile range and let alone at its previous 84 mile range, was not a great choice for me even without those long road trips. I do have the occasional 300 mile weekend and the over 150 in a day before getting back home to plug in for the night, and I'd rather not be a guest asking for a spot in the garage to plug my my car into. Even at my brother's it would be awkward. The Bolt and the Tesla 3, any EV with over 200 miles of range, would make those weekends brainless. The Leaf, even the new one, would be inadequate. I'd need to use my wife's hybrid on those days if I had that. I didn't want to do that so I crossed the Leaf off. Plus its build felt cheap to me. At the time I needed the three seats in the back so the Volt was off too. I also like that the C-Max does not scream anything: it is just a car.

This car should do me fine for a while. Barring something unforeseen my next car will be both pure EV and at least largely autonomous with V2V communication as well. I'm guessing it will be a Volvo. That might be five years and it might be ten but even if it is longer so long as I can keep those gas station runs this infrequent I'm fine.