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Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post

e.g. I rarely take road trips. If I had could install a charger at home then even a mere 100mile EV would fit me perfectly. But when Hurricane Irma threatened I ended up combining evacuation with vacation into a "hurrication" as we Floridians call them.

That was 1200 miles of interstate driving over 2-plus days leaving and the same coming back. In an ICE car with no thought to when or where I might buy fuel or eat or sleep. We just went until we or the car got hungry or sleepy then stopped at the next appropriate establishment to fill the need. We had no idea where any of these would be; we were simply confident (enough) that they'd appear when needed.
the flip side is that an event leading to such an evacuation can cause "gas runs" and stations run out. Then you're up a creek regardless.