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Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post
It's always the case that modern finance capitalism is real good at catering to base demand and sucks at providing for surges since that represents idle capital most of the time. We can smoosh the toothpaste tube all we want, but shortages under peak demand are gonna be commonplace someplace somehow.
An eternity in thread time, I half proposed a solution to this problem.
Apparently, autonomous cars are actually going to be mass deployed soon-ish. Google has let some of theirs loose as of 2 days ago, with no safety driver. The 2021 date for the beginning of mass deployment sounds plausible.

Anyways, once there are vast autonomous car fleets, some of them are going to be hybrids and most will be full electric. So responding to a disaster would in theory be a matter of making the right mouseclicks, and deploying every hybrid autonomous vehicle within a couple states of Florida to meet the huge surge in demand of people trying to escape the next big one.

Or, other option is that simple the residents of the tip of Florida, and all those folks who do those intermittent 300 mile+ roadtrips can get hybrids, and everyone else can get pure electric. Automakers could readily make 2 models that are almost identical, but one has a range extender engine and the other has a void or a storage bin or an extra battery in that space. Like how the i3 is packaged.

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