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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Ravenman -

The reason I asked is that I’ve done weekend trips in my i3 and your assertions about how convenient fast charging is during these trips does not match my experience.

For example, on one trip my hotel didn’t have a convenient level 1 plug. So the first thing I had to do in the morning is go find a CCS charger, which was on the opposite side of a huge shopping mall from where I wanted to eat breakfast. Literally a mile walk to the restaurant.

Then another time, I couldn’t fully recharge at the hotel, and we wanted to eat lunch at a winery, which meant that I had to go to a fast charger and sit in the car for 15 minutes during a rainstorm so I would have enough range to get to the vineyard and back.

There have been a few times where it has been convenient to park, fast charge, and run an errand or two. But they aren’t many examples of this for me, because (a) it is rare to need to use a CCS and (b) it’s not common to find a CCS fast charger where I want to go, as opposed to planning a trip out of my way to get to a fast charger.

So when you tell me that fast charging is easy - just go get lunch! the time is “inconsequential!” - you’re telling someone who owns an EV and has been annoyed about how consequential the inconvienence is, that I am wrong about my firsthand experiences with an EV on weekend trips; when you clearly are not speaking from experience.

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