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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
The reason I asked is that Iíve done weekend trips in my i3 and your assertions about how convenient fast charging is during these trips does not match my experience. ...
One, yeah an i3. Pure EV 81 miles range? Roughly a third of range of the Bolt and a bit more than a quarter the range of the bigger battery optioned Tesla 3? Or the PHEV (REx) version of the i3 that adds a whopping 1.9 gallons of gas driving range too (pretty useless)? Like the Leaf a great pure commuting car and a complete fail for anything other than that. Not a car to use for driving 300 miles over a weekend, even if you are ending at home to charge each night after a lot of local stuff. There are stretches from Chicago west on I-88 that the REx version could not make it from rest stop to rest stop! I know, I've traveled it over week ends and there and back same day many times with a kid who went to Knox College in Galesburg. Heck, for Thanksgiving we are traveling fairly local from my just West of Chicago home to Kenosha just over the Wisconsin border. It's about just 60 miles each way, just 120ish round trip that day. No worry for any 200+ range EV, not even close. No worry for my PHEV. But for an i3, even the REx one, it's range anxiety and planning. Using experience with an i3 to inform about driving a car with three times the electric range is not realistic. If you bought that car thinking to use it for anything other than pure commuting, well you should have thought again.

Two, acknowledged that if your 300 miles of week end driving does not include either a place that will at least give you access to plug in your portable 110 charge overnight, or some level 2 spots near where you might want to stop for a bit, then it could be a challenge. A 3 hour drive into the countryside stopping at some random motel might not work. Pretty easy to find ChargePoints in most metropolitan areas and not too difficult to arrange to stay at a hotel that has level 2 in many week end level tourist locations.