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Well yes you are.

Which does not necessarily say too much positive about me.

At least I knew that an EV with the range of the i3 or the Leaf would not be enough range for my wants and made the choice that allowed me to commute daily all electric most of the time while meeting my other desires for the vehicle just fine and didn't spend something like $45K on a car that has more range than I need to commute with but not enough to give me any other utility ... but hey look everyone it has a BMW badge! And I know that an EV with 200+ of range will meet my wants fine ... but not enough more than how well they are met now that I will rush it. I'll wait for mostly self-driving too.

I indeed have not had direct experience driving an EV with 200+ miles range. And neither have you. If you want to argue that a car with 238 miles of EV range requires charging at a very particular and specific point in time in order to be able to gain the additional 70 miles it needs to drive 300 miles that week end and if your lunch or dinner or walking tour or overnight does not occur at that specific time then you just have to stop where ever you are and wait with your car until it is charged ... because you pretty much need to do that with a tiny battery EV like yours ... and since you own an EV you are the expert to be deferred to ... you are free to do so. And I will be free to laugh. (I was wondering who were among those several hundred a month spending that much on the i3; now I know!)

BTW I don't think we disagree too much really. I agree and have stated that "long trips" in an EV are more than kind of a pain. Someone planning on frequent long road trips really would be better not choosing an EV. I just don't consider 300 miles over the course of a week end as a "long trip." Sometimes that's just a busy weekend with lots of schlepping to be done and a family visit within the broad metropolitan area thrown in. That could be just three hours of driving a day for two days. With kids and activities in and around the city and burbs I would do that some weekends. Let me remind you of what my claim for these large battery EVs was:
Originally Posted by me bolding added
300 miles over a weekend is no problem without superchargers or other DC fast charge so long as it is not much more than 200 in a day and you can charge overnight (particularly easy if you are driving around lots but still at home at night), or at stops, at a level 2 for at least 4 hours total during meals or other stops
Please note the qualifiers including so long as you have a place to charge overnight or at stops. And so long as you do then there is no onerous burden of time or inconvenience. Now with a tiny battery EV you need to charge within 70 miles to avoid getting anxious which is maybe an hour and a half or less of driving and you need to charge at that time. Trying to use that car as anything other than a commuter would be ... oh something maybe to do as a dare for the challenge of it. And fair enough to argue that one cannot always assume that my "so long as" qualifier exists ... one would need to take a minute to be sure and yup, if I wanted to go the the Wisconsin Dells in a Chevy Bolt I'd need to stay at the hotel that has the chargers and I'd first call to make sure they promise me I can use it overnight, or I'd need to scope out what stops on the road there or back had chargers to use while eating. Yes, I agree that a road trip beyond the EV range of the vehicle would require some planning or taking a car that can travel on gas if it needs to (and I do not include the i3REx in that mix even though in a very limited way it is).