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I live in a dry climate. Typically under your house would be the sweet water cistern, which collects the rain water from the roof. Your toilet runs into a septic tank with adjoining soakaway tank. Showers and sinks run directly into the soakaway which is filled with large stones. Feeder pipes run underground from this into the garden where you've typically planted bananas, sugar cane etc. This is the only use of the grey water here. Builders advised me that putting the sweet tank (concrete) out of the ground would cause cracks - it likes the support of the earth around it. I use about 1,100 gallons a month from the government water and so most of it ends up in the garden.

I've set up my washing machine pipes so I can unhook it from the soakaway and direct the water to other parts of the garden.

Quite a few of the hotels here have small water treatment plants, but use the water for the grounds and not for toilet flushing etc. I'd say it's going to be very expensive to deal with purifying the water to any degree.

I like Kevbo's suggestion.