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As someone already pointed out, the devil is in the details. It is not a bad idea per se.

In Venezuela, large cisterns under the house are the norm. My parents have what is essentially a complete basement that is a cistern and holds something like 20K gallons. They get water about 2-3 nights a week and hardly even notice except for when the pump is quiet when there is pressure from the street.

This is a cistern that holds tap water and is used throughout the entire house. No effort to recover it or be green about it. Just a way to deal with irregular water supply. No reason why it wouldn't work with collected rain water.

The cistern needs to be cleaned (emptied and scrubbed clean) about every 10 years and there is no need to chlorinate it since it comes chlorinated from the street. Maybe if you are collecting rain water you would have to add some chlorine to it. Again, devil, details.

Definitely an idea worth exploring. We are on the planning stages of our future house and a large cistern to collect rain waters is definitely in the cards.