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If you are building the house too, then you can do all the piping necessary to capture grey water. Sufficiently dilute, I'm not sure that even soap is that bad an idea. Perhaps you can add some acid or something to neutralize it. To get real fancy, you can have a pH meter controlling a gizmo that adds a dilute acid, ha ha. Even fancier is an electric valve to divert water depending on the load. (For really soapy, send to city drain.)

I wonder about even just grey water and cleanliness; what sort of aroma venting from it, how to get in to clean it, etc. Plus, during building is a bad time if the city inspector is anal and the bylaws make it difficult. They may still classify it as septic tank even if it is grey; definitely not allowed INSIDE the house.

If ever you need to do any work on it, outdoors is better unless freezing is a real problem. Even worse if you only have a foot or 3 of headroom in a crawlspace while getting in there. Plus ventilation - in any enclosed space, you want to be sure you don't pass out and drown from the fumes while scrubbing it down or whatever. I recall an industrial accident where I worked where bad gas pooled in the bottom of the tank, and 2 guys drowned in serious acid while the 3rd went for help instead of climig down like the second guy.