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Originally Posted by medstar
Uh, Eve? Could you explain where the term "Apache dancer" came from? I clicked on the link and saw the couple dressed as Apache dancers, but they just looked like they were French. I always thought that Apache dancers were Native Americans performing a traditional dance. Obviously, I'm wrong and am now eager to shed my ignorance.
"Apache" was used to refer to French street gangs in the 1900s (link.)
The typical French Apache was a young, lower-class, pimp-type vagabond with connections to the underworld. An interesting by-product of this underground culture was "Apache dancing" -- a type of "street swing" which simulated actions and movements of urban violence, and actually contained combat techniques particular to the typical Apache's repertoire. This dance was reportedly so violent that participants sometimes died of injuries sustained from being thrown across bars, onto tables, or after being struck with mistimed blows.
A typical Apache dance might act out a fight between two lovers, blow by blow.