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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Figured it out - probably. My original source of oil ran dry.

One pet peeve/flaw in the game: it's kinda silly that you still need to use the manual hand pump and the bottle emptier in late game. You've got sinks and a plumbing network - use them. But if I mop up, or I need water for cooking or some other purpose, my guys have to run down to those beginner utilities to get them. Becomes a problem later when your water sources get further away and you isolate your dump sites further from your base.
Once you move past algae terrariums for oxygen, you shouldn't need the bottle stuffs. Hydroponic tiles can be fed by pipe, and the best food doesn't use water. Keeping a bottle emptier over a dump reservoir is still a good practice, for the aforementioned mopping, but most else can be run by pump.