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Well I think Ford makes a pretty compelling witness, and the other bits I've read about Kavanaugh's penchant for drinking in high school make that part of the story pretty believable, so yes, my assumption is that he did it. But I don't think that getting drunk and traumatizing a 15 year old, as awful as that is, should be a perpetual disqualifier for everything. I'd agree that this probably puts me in a minority, especially among democrats, but I think that's a discussion that's worth having. And since I think he did behave as accused, I think he'd have been smart to address the accusation like an adult and I'd hope it wouldn't have been the think that tanked his appointment.

If he didn't do it, then sure, deny it, but that doesn't get to the point I was agreeing with.
Yes besides i)being unsure as to the actual year of the event ii) tor the location iii) the number of peoples in the House iv) impeaching her own corroborating evidence, she is the best witness ever