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Originally Posted by doorhinge View Post
Do you think you could have handled a similar situation without getting into an argument with a cop?
Yes, and I said that right in the post you quoted.

Do you think the cop could have handled the situation without escalating it into an argument? Excuse me, sir is Mr. Gates at home? Oh, you ARE Mr. Gates? That's a relief, one of your neighbors saw someone jimmying the door and called us to investigate. Is everything OK here, were you working on the door? Thank you, I'll note that on the report. If you could, may I see your ID, so I can complete my report? Thank you, sir, and have a good day.

Another question I'm interested in is whether or not arguing with a cop is a crime. Because we only really have a Henry L Gates Case because he was arrested for being "disorderly" on his front porch.