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Originally Posted by Gretchion View Post
Grr.. made me look!

Is there any reason we don't just make a new thread for every new comic? I could understand if it updated 3 or more times a week regularly, but lately it's been roughly once a week. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets excited when this thread is updated and then disappointed when it's not for a new comic.
I prefer to have umpteen bizzillion comics all wrapped up in a single thread. I also enjoy the commentary here.

"I hate to say it, but Roy's hands just look really weird in this."

Yeah, Rich entered the uncanny valley with that one. Notice that the grips of Sally and her workmate were fairly credible though. Also note that the toothful facial grimace now has an arc on the bottom rather than a flat line. I sort of liked the old style but after over 900 strips I can see the point of moving on.

After the computer crash, Rich switched to .png. In this book he's really taken advantage of the greater color depth (and "alpha transparency"): I think gifs (1987 tech) were limited to about 256 colors though there were ways to cheat. Rich's rain effect is nice. Back when Rich started, not all browsers rendered .png images properly.

"The ship has both propellers pointed backwards and ones pointed upwards."

Trivia from wikipedia:
Modern blimps are launched somewhat heavier than air (overweight), in contrast to historic blimps. The missing lift is provided by lifting the nose and using engine power, or by angling the engine thrust. Some types also use steerable propellers or ducted fans. Operating in a state heavier than air avoids the need to dump ballast at lift-off and also avoids the need to lose costly lifting gas on landing.

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