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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
She isn't. Michelle Obama has no legal authority.

The President can delegate any number of Presidential duties as he sees fit to the First Lady. He could just as well delegate them to you, or Brad Pitt, or his cat, providing he isn't assigning them to do a specific job that Congress has to approve, such as secretary of state or a similar post. There are some things he has to do himself and lots of specific positions that require Congressional vetting but things like "Hold meetings on the pet project of my choice" can be done by pretty much anyone he wants. As Algher's cite points out, the Supreme Court has already ruled on what would seem, at least to me, to be just common sense; that the President is allowed to hire people to accomplish tasks, and that if his wife volunteers to be an unpaid employee doing some of those tasks, there's nothing illegal about it and in fact it's been that way for ages. Ultimately, executive authority as stated in the Constitution is still his. He's on the hook for whatever his chosen agents do.
What about Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' thing?

I was taught that one can always delegate authority, but never responsibility.

Having said that, I agree that Mr. Obama can appoint anybody to the position of left-handed coat hangers or whatever. He's still responsible for whatever actions (or inaction) his appointee does.