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Is being a teacher so bad?

I have a friend who is a teacher and is looking to get out of the profession. She likes the kids (mostly) but what with the meddlesome parents, bad administration, unrealistic expectations, and tuned out coworkers, she's decided it's just not worth it. The school she's at is considered average-to-good - i.e., she's not fleeing some terrible "blackboard jungle" situation.

Privately, I wonder if she's making a mistake. She makes a decent living (earns more than I do, drives a nicer car, and lives in a much nicer apartment), is off this week for spring break, and is counting down to her 2 1/2 month summer vacation. (A paid one, if she chose to take her salary on a 12-month schedule.) On the surface, it sounds pretty good to me.

Plus, the way I see it, there are bad bosses, coworkers, and clients in every profession. I worry that she'll learn that the hard way, only after having given up the benefits of education. Also, she still likes the idea of teaching, even if she's exhausted by the reality, so the core interest is still there.

On the other hand, stories of teacher burnout like this are pretty common. So my question is for those of you who've taught and had some other career as an adult: are the frustrations of being a teacher really that much worse than what one faces in every other career? In what way? Did you move to teaching from the other career, or vice versa? Are you glad you made the decision you did?