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I've read quite a few teacher complaints about Common Core. They are required to pretty much teach and prep the kids for those tests. I've seen reports of experienced teachers retiring because they don't like prepping kids for a set of tests. I guess theres no time to teach anything else.

heres one perspective.
The strategy, summarized, requires the following: 1) Read the text to get the flow, or feel of the piece; 2) Re-read to identify important or unfamiliar words; 3) summarize, or write the gist of portions of the text in the margins; 4) record the text’s key details and important information. These are the habits good readers use to understand complex information and, yet, the examination designed to evaluate whether students have developed these habits makes no time for close reading. Ninety minutes, six passages, 42 multiple-choice questions. Go!

This is not how I teach, nor how I want my children educated. And yet, another testing session has concluded to evaluate another year of teaching and learning (yes, the beginning of April is when the state assesses students’ ELA skills to gauge the success of the school year that concludes at the end of June).

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