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Originally Posted by silenus View Post
They've been told to play the violin and they want to pick up a bass guitar. If you are going to play in an orchestra, you play the music that is selected and you bloody well play it the way the conductor tells you to play it or you quit. If you want an extended solo and the ability to jam, go get hired at a fairly liberal college.

Good teachers can make the most mundane music sing, for both themselves and their audience.
Sure, if a teacher wants to teach Science and is told to teach English instead, that's a problem for the teacher (although, why a district would hire a science teacher to teach english is beyond me, but then I don't know why an orchestra would hire a guitar player to play fiddle).

If a district needs a teacher to teach English, great. If the district thinks the teacher cannot effectively teach English unless he ditches To Kill a Mockingbird in favor of The Scarlet Letter, the district is not thinking very well.

We hire teachers (and musicians, incidentally) because they have a certain subjective skill that makes them great. Then we want the teachers to turn into objective automatons that teach things in exactly a certain way. That's a disconnect that needs to be resolved.

And incidentally, having been a musician, some pieces of music are beyond redemption.